About Otoplasty (Corrective ear surgery)

Otoplasty (Corrective ear surgery) commonly referred to as ear pinning, corrects the size or placement of an individual’s ear. Otoplasty is generally performed on children ages 4-14, as the ears are finished growing by the age of 4, but is also performed on adults as well. Otoplasty can help make the ears more proportional to the size and shape of the head and face.

The incisions for Otoplasty are placed behind the ear, in the fold where the ear joins to the head. Otoplasty usually involves the removal of cartilage and skin, occasionally trimming the cartilage into a more pleasing shape and pinning it with permanent sutures. Otoplasty concludes with suturing to anchor the ear until healing can hold it in place. Otoplasty patients report mild discomfort that can be treated with pain relievers and subsides within weeks.