About Facelifts

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, reduces lines, wrinkles and sagging skin caused by age and life experience. A facelift provides a lift to the lower third of your face, tightening skin in the neck and jawline.

Is a Facelift Right for Me?

The principal reason for doing face and neck lifting surgery is to tighten the loose sagging skin of the face and neck. It also helps correct a “double chin” when combined with liposuction or chin augmentation and can help recreate a strong smooth jaw-line by lifting the sagging “jowls”. The heavy nasolabial folds are often improved by elevating the cheek fat pads and tightening the deeper muscles of the face and neck, alone or in combination with cheek augmentation.

Minimal incision short scar face lifting is designed to lift the structures sagging under the skin and remove as much of the extra tissue as possible while still maintaining a natural look. The incision lines are hidden in the hair and creases around the ears and are usually fine and barely visible once healing is complete. Earlobes will be lifted as well to enhance overall effect of lifting the lower face. Healing is quicker with less bruising and swelling and with less downtime than traditional face lifting, which involves longer scars and extensive surgical manipulation of structure and tissue.

Let us help you determine if this rejuvenating minimal downtime surgery is right for you. The team approach within our Centre allows for continuity of care from the initial consultation, the surgery, and throughout the healing process. The surgery can be performed in our very own accredited surgical suite for your utmost discretion.

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