LED Skin Fitness

GentleWaves improves skin appearance and helps minimize signs of aging over time through the process of LED Photomodulation®. GentleWaves is the ultimate workout for your skin to improve elasticity. Treatments with the GentleWaves® Skin Fitness System are performed by Dr. Gregory Antoniak’s medical aestheticians for patients from Ottawa, Ontario, and throughout Canada to restore and maintain healthier, smoother and better-looking skin.

The FDA-approved LED Photomodulation is the interaction of light delivered through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to activate cells causing them to produce collagen and multiply. At the same time, LED Photomodulation conceals collagen-degrading enzymes that support the aging process.

GentleWaves, offers a totally natural, non-invasive method for skin rejuvenation. GentleWaves is truly a pain free, risk free, and very affordable solution for shaping up your skin.

To get your skin in shape and looking great, a series of treatments is required. After Dr. Gregory Antoniak’s medical aestheticians perform approximately 4 – 8 GentleWaves treatments, your skin will become smoother and softer. Changes in the skin are progressive, so you’ll notice constant improvement in wrinkles and pores even months after your last treatment.

Cosmetic surgeons worldwide are choose the GentleWaves Skin process as one of their favored treatments for reducing wrinkle, lessening hyperpigmented lesions (brown spots and freckles) and improving other skin conditions associated with photoaging. Request a consultation with one of Dr. Gregory Antoniak’s medical aestheticians today.

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