About Botox Cosmetic®

Ottawa Botox® treatments leave skin smooth and unwrinkled to create a more youthful facial appearance.

Our Botox® treatments are performed by a team of Registered Nurses who have over 24 years combined experience in cosmetic injections. They are on the forefront with advanced techniques and have international training.

Is Botox Cosmetic® Right for Me?

Botox Cosmetic® is an injectable treatment derived from a purified protein and prevents wrinkles from appearing by relaxing the underlying muscles so they don’t contract. Botox Cosmetic® can be used in many areas including frown lines between the eyebrows, the lines across your forehead, and the winkles on the outer corners of your eyes.

About the Botox® Procedure

Treating wrinkles with Botox Cosmetic® is a simple and safe procedure that only takes about 10 minutes and there is no downtime, a very fine needle is used to inject a small amount into the muscle and the sensation has been compared to a bug bite.

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