The natural aging of your skin is due to an imbalance between the rate of destruction and renewal of cells and collagen. By promoting th eprocess of natural tissue regeneration, a PRP treatment will improve skin quality, even your skin tone, skin tonicity, and decrease dark circles under your eyes. Growth factors present in A-PRP stimulate the micro-circulation that improves skin and its tonicity.

After consulting with our physicians to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment, consents and pictures will be taken to ensure improvement of treatments. Our nurse specialist will take a sample of blood that will be centrifuged to isolate your platelets, and then be injected into your face, neck, chest, and/or hands with a small needle. It is injected with our device U225 that is safe but can create some discomfort. The treatments is approximately 45 minutes long. Contact us today to book a consultation or if you have any questions regarding this rejuvenating treatment.

JULIEWritten by:

Julie, R.N

Cosmetic Injection Specialist


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