Regret the Gauge?

We all know that gauges have lost some popularity over the years but unfortunately, once the damage is done and your earlobes are stretched out, they will not return to their original shape on their own.

If you are concerned about your earlobes, our excellent Plastic Surgeons at The Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre can help give you back the natural earlobes you used to have in most cases.

We perform various earlobe repairs for:

  • gauges
  • earring tears
  • and earlobe asymmetry.

The surgeon will discuss with you what desired shape of earlobe you prefer. Usually a proportionate earlobe to your ear gives the best results.

What is the process like?

This simple 30 minute procedure can be done here in our Surgicentre under local anethesia. The earlobes are numbed with injectable lidocaine making the procedure almost pain free. Many clients report not feeling any pain at all during the procedure. Sutures are removed one week after surgery where the healing progression is assessed by a qualified Registered Nurse. Six weeks following this appointment, your earlobes can be re-pierced if you so choose.

For any further questions about the procedure or if you would like to book a consultation with a surgeon, please call us today at 613-521-FACE.

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