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Filler & Botox Treatment with Nurse Pascale

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I recently had the pleasure of seeing Pascale, one of the very talented Nurse Injectors at the Centre and I am thrilled! I have had many treatments in the past and know what to expect with injectable services. I was pleasantly surprised as Pascale exceeded my expectations during my appointment. Before we started, she reviewed all the pertinent information with...
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A NEW DISCOVERY REDEFINING THE WAY TO FIGHT THE SIGNS OF AGING. INTRODUCING VIVIER PHARMA'S GROUNDBREAKING NEW INNOVATION IN SKIN CARE TECHNOLOGY. Designed to effectively lift the neck tissue and reduce submental fat on the neck, the GrenzCine Neck™ is an exclusive correcting cream that helps to remove years of unwanted signs of aging. This patent pending discovery, combining Vitamin C plus...
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Mole Removal

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Moles can appear anywhere on the body and range in the shape and size. By the age of 25, people can have anywhere from 10-40 moles on their body, including your face! Our surgeons at the Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre remove facial moles for cosmetic reasons.  However, if there is change in size, shape or colour your Dermatologist should...
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LIPREBUILD™ Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

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When the colder months start, our lips suffer. This product is bio-engineered to reverse and restore severely dry, cracked and wrinkled lips using a clinically proven moisture recycling technology. It plumps lips to improve overall shape, size and contour while restoring them to their natural, rosy colour. Plumps lips, improving overall shape, size and contour while helping to restore them...
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ZO® MEDICAL Revitatrol™ Epidermal Repair Crème

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ZO Medical Revitatrol delivers essential hydration and calming for post-procedure, compromised and severely dry or irritated skin. Rich hydrators replenish lipids and restore skin’s barrier while reducing the appearance of redness. BENEFITS: Aids post-procedure, compromised, severely dry or irritated skin. Provides comfort to irritated skin. Helps reduce the appearance of redness. Dual-peptide formula supports natural skin renewal and improves the...
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Welcome To The Team

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We are excited to announce our newest team member: Kimberly!        Kim grew up in Ottawa and was formally educated at the University of Ottawa, finishing with a Bachelor of General Arts with a focus in Fine Art. After completing her study, she felt called away from the traditional Arts and all things creative and began pursuing her...
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Your Beautiful Nose… How Did You Get It?

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Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face, second only to your eyes. Its size and shape anchor the rest of your facial features creating a natural balance and flow. The length of your nose, for instance, should be a direct correlation to the size of your eyes, your lips, your eye brows, and even your chin and...
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