Skip the extensions and get natural, amazing lashes!

So it seems that everyone is getting their lashes done these days!

Lash extensions look great but the regular maintenance, strict rules of care and damaging effects it has on your lashes is discouraging.

What else can we do to get our lashes looking fabulous though? We have a more affordable and effective way to achieve those luscious lashes! At the Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre we proudly retail Latisse by Allergan, a prescription eyelash product approved in Canada to make your lashes longer, thicker and darker.

The product requires a nightly application at the base of the lashes. Typically, patients will see results in 8 weeks with maximum effects seen in 12-16 weeks. But how? The active ingredient in Latisse prolongs the active growth phase (anagen) of the lashes. You can still wear mascara and get your lashes wet because they are your own lashes, but better!

Latisse is a Clinic favorite and we have seen wonderful results even on ourselves. We highly recommend this treatment and have clients routinely coming back to replenish their product.

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